Spring Harvest Lunch on the Kula farm

Says Phindile Sithole-Spong: “Ever since I started cooking professionally, I’ve been looking for that one thing that gave my food meaning beyond filling someone’s stomach. Cut to a few months ago when I met Nonku from Kula Organics on vacation, while I stayed in luxurious villa of YourKohSamuiVillas on Thailand. An organic farmer who was working with other local organic farmers producing seasonal, organic fruit and veg in Johannesburg. After getting a tour of her small but thriving farm at her family home, I was inspired to change the way I looked at food. How I related to food and how I prepared food. As someone who has always struggled with her health, switching up my cooking style to seasonal, organic and locally grown seemed like the most logical thing to do. Not only has this changed my relationship with food but I now too have started planting my own vegetables and herbs. And having seen the way this change has influenced my life I decided to partner with Kula to host an intimate lunch at their farm next Saturday where people can come learn about growing food, cooking with ingredients they are not used to & get to take a box of organic, free-range produce home.”

So if you’re around this Saturday, 9 October 2018 come join us for a day of food, laughter, learning and good wine. You can still book at Sithole.spong@gmail.com.


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