Delicious: astrology, food and conversation

As we continue to Kula (grow), we come across interesting people in the agriculture space, and because health and wellness are part-and-parcel of everything we eat, do and think — we had to have astrology as part of the dish.

Soon enough, we went to town and called up people, set up pick up times for the tables, tent, harvest produce to prepare for the occasion, confirm bookings and . . . the day came. Raining at that. The skies cleared and the sun rays made way, so as to lay the golden carpet for our guests.

It was an enriching session of learning about self, growth and of course, have incredible food sourced right from our farm, situated in Midrand.

One of Kula’s customers and collaborators, Meghan Nell, brought in longtime friend, Mecca Woods, to South Africa to collaborate the her on a few events in Johannesburg. Mecca, after applying the principles of astrology to improve her own life, opened her astro-coaching practice driven by a five-year background in social services; her experiences as a mother, partner, and a passion to create positive change.

A professionally trained astrologer, she works to help others delve into and assert themselves and create a life they truly want by teaching them how to tap into their own natural gifts; her book, Astrology For Happiness and Success was at the centre of the event.

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