Getting your garden ready for Spring

Spring is around the corner! This means that we need to start getting ready (if not already) to plant seeds/ seedlings for the coming seasons of abundance.

Before you start, make sure these things are in place:

  • Your soil is healthy – with organic soil conditioners, organic compost and fertiliser
  • There is no longer frost in the ground – frost will kill your seedlings
  • You have planned what you’d like to plant and preparing beds according to the list
  • Try companion planting for richer produce

Listen to my interview with Refiloe Mpakanyane of 702’s Weekend Breakfast for more tips.

What you can plant for a Spring/Summer harvest:

Fruit: Berries (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries), peaches, Cape gooseberries, grapes, bananas & melons

Vegetables: Brinjals, marrows, celery, sweetcorn, squashes, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers (incl. green/red/yellow peppers, chillies, turnips, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, Bambara nuts, beans, peas and moringa.

Have a look at Living Seeds’ website for great heirloom seeds and planting guide.

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