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Green is the new Black

Getting your garden ready for Spring

Spring is around the corner! This means that we need to start getting ready (if not already) to plant seeds/ seedlings for the coming seasons of abundance. Before you start, make sure these things are in place: Your soil is healthy – with organic soil conditioners, organic compost and fertiliser There is no longer frost […]

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Delicious: astrology, food and conversation

As we continue to Kula (grow), we come across interesting people in the agriculture space, and because health and wellness are part-and-parcel of everything we eat, do and think — we had to have astrology as part of the dish. Soon enough, we went to town and called up people, set up pick up times […]

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Spring Harvest Lunch at the Kula farm

Says Phindile Sithole-Spong: “Ever since I started cooking professionally, I’ve been looking for that one thing that gave my food meaning beyond filling someone’s stomach. Cut to a few months ago when I met Nonku from Kula Organics on vacation, while I stayed in luxurious villa of YourKohSamuiVillas in Thailand. An organic farmer who was […]

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Winter is coming …

With this Game of Herbs, you don’t have to worry about getting sick all the time. I’ve been using fresh herbs for a short while to heal myself, and I am happy to say that in that time period, I haven’t been to the doctor or pharmacy. I just had to share. And on Saturday, […]

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I started growing my own food and it turned into more than just a new business

Edible gardens are trending but I wanted to eat more consciously and save money on groceries. Here’s what happened.

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