Let’s talk about the C word

COVID-19 impacted our daily lives and the operating of many businesses. We have all felt the ripple effect and we send our love out to everyone. We had to go into a sort of hibernation/ quarination on the business front.

Last year around this time we thought we were going to be in our homes for a short period of time and we had influx of orders from our agri-family taking the necessary precautions and preparing for a few weeks of lockdown. By now, we’re all quite versed in lockdown and we’ve pivoted.

The age of the self-sustained food gardening:

Never before have we had to utilise our homes to their greatest capacity which means a place for everything and everything in its place. To extend the philosophy of Kula, we’ve decided to bring our offering to you. Home-grown vegetables does not have to be an ideal only fit for certain people.

Some of the myths we’ve been able to bust about farming in this time:

1. You need a lot of space – Not really, with urban gardening, container gardens and planter boxes like the ones we sell, you can grow your own vegetables anywhere with some innovation.

2. Some people have a green thumb and others don’t – Like any other practise there are steps to follow that can ensure success. Farming is no different. With the right guidance, you’ll be amazed at what you can grow at home.

3. You need a lot of time – Initially you’ll need to set aside some time to commit to the process, we do a two day process to prepare your garden with you and then you maintain it from there. Starting a garden requires a plan, and then you follow through with the days of preparation but that is the heavy lifting and it is seasonal.

4. You have to handle and keep dangerous chemicals – Insecticides seem to make everyone nervous, now if you were on a large plot you would need to but farming on small scale means using small and efficient measures. You can even make formulas with what you have in your house right now.

Exciting times are coming

If you’re on a new journey in your life and want to invest in your health, the health of your family and an organic lifestyle, this may be an option for you. Instead of being a supplier of fresh produce, we’re now moving into giving our clients their own gardens and showing you how to maintain it, as well as offering alternative health products.

What you can expect in the next couple of months .

1. We’re here to help you learn: Expect content that will help you on your own sustainable food journey.

2. We’re installing gardens and planter boxes. You can find these in the catalogue.

3. We’ve started with seedling planting for our clients.

4. We are healing. Have a look at our our herbal products. 

Will you join the agri-family this year?