We should have started a Hashtag: #HomeGrownChallenge

Amaqwinya, banana bread, this challenge, that challenge and food posts, all the food posts.

After all this consumptions, on a scale of 1-10 how much of your life did you rethink during lockdown? I’ll tell you on our family and business front, we’ve really gotten grounded.

Imagine for a moment what it was like a few centuries ago, when we were hunter gathers and we only killed what we needed, sorted what we could preserve from what we’d farmed. We then settled into tribes to maximise on communal land and the produce of that land. Fast forward to this day and age where, yes we need convenience but how much of that convenience takes us away from the tangible aspect of living: food, shelter and community.


Ok, can we have a moment to humble brag… our agri-family has really grown and they’ve grown their own. We love hearing from each family about the impact of their food garden not only on their physical health but the interactions in their family, their interaction with food and appreciation of the earth all around us.

Making the change

In a radio interview with Refiloe Mpakanyane (702), I spoke about the impact of sustainable gardens and how our business was impacted. We have had tough times but this has really helped us to support the journey a number of us are on.

We waste a lot of food because we’re disconnected from the source of the food, imagine what it would feel like to throw away something you’ve watched grow for weeks. Hurts a lot  more than something you picked up on a shelf. Imagine what kind of move towards sustainability and the reduction of food waste we’d have.

Sometimes we’re part of a trend and sometimes a trend can change us by bringing out what we didn’t know lay dormant within each of us.