Raised Beds Garden from A-Z


We are excited to share that in May, Kula Africa Academy hosted its second workshop, Raised Beds and Tree Planting, together with Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) for Deloitte at Kula Organic produce farm (Midrand). Nonkululeko opened the event with the beautiful and inspiring story of how her father's foresight and visionary mind led her to establish her agri-business, Kula.

It is inspiring to witness that 30 years after purchasing the land, Nonkululeko, a journalist by trade, is the one who took up the role of helping her father to make her family’s land more productive and more food secure.


The first time they worked on cultivating the land, about 5 years ago, it took them a year. Whereas now, with the help of the Kula Academy Programme participants, Food and Trees for Africa and sponsors such as Fortress Reit it only took 3months. 

The program for the day included an icebreaker with a fun and informative general knowledge quiz to get the Deloitte team energies and fingers ready for a sunny, fun day on the farm. Tersia from Food & Trees for Africa presented a simple demonstration of how to create a simple raised bed garden at home while we provided our participants with mentorship and advisory throughout the entire process.

Here is a step by step guide on how to create a basic Raised Bed Garden from A-Z below: