The Kula guide to planting trees

Our mantra at Kula for the year of the Tiger is 'food security for all!'.

We kick-started the Kula Africa Academy Programme on 18 March 2022 with a tree planting workshop hosted by Kula together with Roche and Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) at Kula Organic produce farm (Midrand). The event began with a warm welcome and an introduction to Nonku Britton's journey around how she started her agri-business, Kula. She wanted a way to make her family’s land more productive, as well as to be more food secure. She noted how learning farming was a huge learning curve for her.

Following that, Jeminha from Food & Trees for Africa gave an icebreaker to get everyone's energies and fingers ready for a sunny, fun day on the farm. Then, she made a simple demonstration of how to set up a fruit garden at home while we provided our participants with mentorship and advisory throughout the entire process.

Fear not! We've gone ahead and put together a tree planting guide for you and your loved ones below:

Tree Planting Guide